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Operating in Chile since 2015

+USD35MM Raised to invest in Chilean technology

3 Active Funds

Industry Agnostic

From early-stage
to successful businesses

About us

Founded in Chile in 2015, Invexor Venture Partners has an excellent track record of discovering the next game changer in a variety of industries and sectors.


We have condensed more than two decades of strategy design experience into a methodology we call “Christmas Tree Strategy Design”—the Invexor way to develop highly innovative, disruptive companies and to achieve great results.


We invest in companies at every stage from seed to growth, across every sector, and provide them with the equity capital and strategic input necessary to scale up from an early-stage startup to a successful business.


As part of our commitment to grow our portfolio companies, we make available our curated worldwide network, offering entrepreneurs their expertise and insights across the entire spectrum of company building.

Creating Opportunities for Investors and Startups

Since the very beginning, Invexor has developed a unique understanding of what it takes for a start-up to become a global success. We are all fully committed to supporting our Founders and their companies at every stage of their journey, from Chile to the World, thus we have created two types of funds:

Innovation Funds:
Supporting growth-stage startups in the scaling process, with funding and continuous strategic support.

Discovery Funds:
Supporting early-stage startups, helping companies developing highly powerful scaling strategies, and providing them with continuous strategic support and funding.

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