June 22, 2017
We are proud to present the companies that we are working with in order for them to be part of our new fund "INVEXOR INNOVATION I".
The companies we are working with were represented by the most prestigious and experienced professionals, that have had great accomplishments in their respective fields.  Today, we share the challenge of transforming their current businesses into fast growing companies that will boost the value of the fund "INVEXOR INNOVATION I".
December 15, 2016
Our new INNOVATION model is oriented to enable the value creation for investors and entrepreneurs by leveraging the best opportunities on valuable resources.
May 21, 2016
This event, organized by MIT Technology Review, was held at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.

Innovators Under 35 is the global community of innovators, pioneers and promotors of social change curated by MIT Technology Review that wants to transform the world with innovative ideas.


Innovators Under 35 recognized for the second time Chilean young minds with the most creative and impressive technological projects in the country.  The Award Ceremony was held on May 18th at Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Santiago de Chile.


Jorge Rodríguez, our CEO at Invexor Capital, participated in the panel of experts.  


May 12, 2016
We are working on a model that addresses the need of funding and professional support for new companies that, having already valuable products and markets, now face the challenge of growth.

Two years ago, a group of investors asked us to study the best way to make investments in new companies that were being born taking advantage of the new technological trends, pushed forward by talented young entrepreneurs and showing outstanding results in their regional expansion.


Some of these investors had already made direct investments in these businesses, suffering the following problems:

  • Initial investment was followed by additional requests for money that investors had to necessarily contribute in order to protect what they had already invested.

  • Concentration of investments in few companies took away the benefits of diversification, more important than ever in this type of investments.

  • Young entrepreneurs asked for too much help from the experienced investors who could not deliver due to lack of time and focus.

  • Young entrepreneurs were open to become partners with various types of candidates, which did not meet the most stringent investors’ criteria.

  • When facing problems, the public opinion associated the poor performance with the investors’ competencies, damaging their reputation.

  • In bad times, some counterparts took advantage of the situation by aggressively harassing the investors, often with distorted arguments.


The structure of an investment fund solves all these problems: sets up a "firewall" between investors and the risks described above.  It also puts together the skill of experienced professionals that provide support to the new entrepreneurs and open multiple paths of development in order to help the company be successful.


In addition to these benefits, we have worked with Corfo, the Chilean Development Agency, to apply for public funding (Corfo lines), that will provide this fund with long term and low cost loans with payments of principal and interest pushed towards the end of the lending period, making it very convenient compared to market alternatives.


With this in mind, we made a tour of the entire ecosystem of Chilean startups and young companies looking for the best candidates where we saw an opportunity to take a partnership stake.  We got an initial list of 200 companies that are going through our filters.  We are looking for 10 to 20 amazing companies that have great potential for strong growth.  Our estimate is that we will end up investing in 10 of these companies.

Investors we are talking to have mentioned an additional factor that makes this fund attractive to them. This fund allows them to have visibility for the next years over different businesses, in different sectors in the whole Latin American continent. It is equivalent to having a permanent market study in different areas. We have committed a scheme of periodic and complete reporting for the investors, together with fair rules that will eventually allow the investors in the fund to buy some of the companies.



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